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Highway Safety and Infrastructure Testing

Highway infrastructure products undergo a range of tests to assess their safety and compliance with regulatory standards.

These standards help ensure the safety and reliability of highway infrastructure products, whether they are designed to protect against vehicle crashes, unauthorised intrusions, or other potential hazards on the road.

The specific tests may vary depending on the standard and the type of product being evaluated.

Highway Safety and Infrastructure Testing

Some main types of tests include:

EN 1317 (European Standard for Road Restraint Systems)
  • Crash Testing: Assess how road restraint systems, like guardrails and safety barriers, perform during vehicle impacts at specified speeds and angles
  • Impact Testing: Evaluate the impact resistance of road restraint products, including their ability to redirect or contain errant vehicles

PAS 68 (Publicly Available Specification for Vehicle Security Barriers)
  • Vehicle Impact Testing: Test vehicle security barriers and bollards against vehicle impact at various speeds and angles to assess their ability to stop or slow down unauthorized vehicle intrusions.
AASHTO MASH (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware)
  • Full-Scale Crash Testing: Evaluate safety hardware like guardrails, crash cushions, and end terminals under real-world conditions to assess their crashworthiness.
  • Impact Testing: Determine the performance of various roadside safety devices during vehicle impacts.

EN 12767 (European Standard for Passive Roadside Safety Systems)
  • Impact Testing: Assess the performance of passive roadside safety systems, such as lighting columns and signs, during vehicle impacts
  • Static Load Testing: Evaluate the capacity of structures like lighting columns to support static loads

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