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Battery Abuse Test Site

Battery on Fire

Our dedicated custom-built facility for conducting high-risk battery validation tests. We also offer post-test battery teardown and disposal.

Our facility enables engineering, test and development teams to conduct standard and bespoke battery abuse and safety testing at a cell, module and pack level, in all-weather conditions, to recognised standards. All our tests are supported by high-speed cameras, thermal imaging and gas detection.  We also offer a post-test battery teardown and traceable recycling service to ensure disposal is environmentally compliant and meets safety regulations.

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BAT video cover

We are a technical service of RDW for UNECE R100, meaning we can test to the regulation and issue E4 Type Approval for vehicles and battery systems.  We can also test to UN38.3 and KMVSS standards.

Supported by experienced engineers, we provide services from single tests to complete programme delivery for system development.  Tests include:

  • Short circuit
  • Fire
  • Crush
  • Drop
  • Penetration
  • Overcharge
  • Thermal propagation
  • Ingress protection