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Body Structures Test Facility

Alongside HORIBA MIRA’s dynamic and durability test facilities our body structures laboratory conducts testing for all aspects of safety and development for vehicle seating and occupant safety.
  • Door Latches and Door Retention Components – UNECE R11.03
  • Steering Control Approval Test (Drop Test) – UNECE R12.04
  • Safety-belt, Restraint Systems, Child Restraint Systems and Isofix Child Restraint Systems – UNECE R14 / UNECE R16
  • Seats, Anchorages and Head Restrainst – UNECE R17.07/08
  • Static Seat Back Moment (Front & Rear) – UNECE R17.09
  • Headform Pendulum (Front & Rear) – UNECE R17.09
  • Interior Headform Pendulum – UNECE R21
  • Interior Fittings – UNECE R21.01
  • Bumper Standard – FMVSS 581
  • Hip Point Test
  • Torsional Stiffness Test

This facility has achieved the ISO 17025 accreditation for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories