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Climatic Wind Tunnel (CWT One)

Our advanced CWT One facility enables customers to test their products under a wide range of simulated, repeatable environmental conditions including extreme cold, snow, solar loading and humidity.

The facility features a 4 wheel drive dynamometer and is utilised by a number of international vehicle manufacturers looking to develop their products for all world markets.

By reducing the need for seasonal in-territory testing, the facility allows customers to compress their development lead times, helping them to deliver products to market far quicker than their competitors.

We offer the following tests in this facility:

  • Defrost/Demist
  • SC03
  • FTTP (Fuel Tank Temperature Profile)
  • ATCT (Ambient Temperature Corrected Test)
  • UDDS (Urban Dynamometer Driving Schedule)
  • WLTP (Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure)
  • Snow Packing
  • HVAC Performance
  • AC Pulldown
  • Cold Start
  • Motorcycle Lugging & High Speed
  • EV Range
  • Driven Rain

Climatic Wind Tunnel (CWT One) Specifications



Max vehicle dimension

Width 2.7m, Height 3m, Length 6.2m

Vehicle wheelbase

Maximum 5m, Minimum 2m

Gross vehicle weight


Air speeds

Primary = 150km/h, Secondary = 200km/h

Air temperature

Max/Min +55ºC/-20ºC

Chassis dynamometer

Twin-axle (150kW DC per axle), 1.6m dia. rollers (FWD/RWD/4WD)

Humidity range

5% to 95% RH

Solar simulation

Quartz halogen, visible and IR, Range: 0.6 to 1.2kW/m2, Target area: 1.8m x 5.2m

Data acquisition

Ipetronik CAN system 160 channels, 20Hz to 5KHz depending on channel type

Hot-road simulation

Underbody heating up to 30ºC above chamber temperature

Minimum speed:

0km/h (idle/city bypass system operating)

Circuit type

Vertical return, fully enclosed within support building

Fan type

Axial flow, 2.6m dia. 400kW

Airflow nozzle

Primary = 4.0m2, Secondary = 2.5m2

Cooling systems

765kW capacity. Twin rotary-screw compressors with heat exchangers

Soak room

Temp range: -20ºC to +55 ºC, Dimensions: 12.0m x 6.7m


Gasoline, LPG, CNG and gasoline hybrids. All world legislative test cycles and custom drive cycles. Analysis of dilute emissions (HC, CH4, NOx, CO and CO2 ), European Type VI cold (-7ºC) HC and CO test, US Federal cold (-7ºC) CO test, US Federal Supplement test: US06 and SC03, Hot and cold emissions development testing

SC03 Compliant Solar Testing

Climatic Wind Tunnel (CWT One)