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Damper Development Facility

Damper Development Main

The Damper Development Facility incorporates the latest rig technology, along with the ability to evaluate and measure a vehicle’s performance using HORIBA MIRA’s Proving Ground and K&C rig, enables enhanced simulation model correlation.

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Damper Development 1

Within the overall damper facility, there is a workshop containing a vehicle geometry alignment rig, 2-post ramp and a damper laboratory.

The damper laboratory contains an MTS 6K-EMA with electromagnetic actuation in a temperature controlled, clean room environment.

The facility has a multitude of amenities including a nitrogen filling station, laboratory lighting, stainless steel worktops, spray cleaning downdraft cabinet, high pressure parts washer, and spring compressor.

Customers can use this facility and access a variety of different support levels from ‘Full Service’ – incorporating technician support to strip down / fit, a ride engineer to conduct vehicle assessments, and a vehicle dynamics expert for development, to an ‘Access Only’ arrangement.

Whatever the project requirement, HORIBA MIRA is well placed to support your activity and enhance your project delivery.

Damper Development 2

Facility Specification

  • Dynamic force 26.7 kN
  • Velocity 4 m/s
  • Frequency response 100Hz
  • Stroke 203mm
  • Preload 6.2-20 kN
  • Side force compensation

Control Methods

  • Sine wave, triangle, frequency sweep, custom profile (RLD)


  • Force velocity
  • Force displacement
  • Custom 
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