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Driver-in-the-loop Simulator

With the automotive industry aiming to reduce product time to market, programme risk and cost, the reliance on simulation for virtual vehicle development has never been greater. Simulation can take months off the duration of a vehicle development programme by reducing the number of physical prototypes needed and the time required for core attribute development.

Driver-in-the-loop Simulator

Now, technology start-ups, disruptors and established OEMs can significantly enhance their vehicle attribute performance while reducing product development time, risk and cost by utilising our advanced VI-grade compact driver-in-the-loop simulator and attribute development services:

  • Vehicle dynamics
  • NVH
  • Braking
  • Performance and durability

The ability to evaluate and measure a vehicle’s performance using our Proving Ground coupled with other facilities such as our Damper Development Facility, which incorporates the latest rig technology, allows us to correlate models and enhance the simulator experience.

Continued research and development in the auto population of modelling software packages with measured suspension parameters from Kinematic & Compliance test data, significantly reduces model build time. Alongside the physical measurement to model population process, we have developed new techniques to enhance the model build process, from design intent suspension system and component level characteristics.