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Our dedicated engineering facility in Southern Spain provides consistent year-round dry weather testing for vehicle manufacturers.

The facility is situated close to a number of established public road test routes, traversing terrain such as mountains and coastal roads.


Services offered

  • Brake refinement services for new vehicle development programmes and in-service problem resolution, specifically relating to brake noise, judder and performance
  • Public road based durability testing across a variety of terrain
  • RDE testing
  • Hot environment mileage accumulation
  • Close proximity to the Sierra Nevada region for cold environment testing
  • Full project management, engineering and local technician support
  • Team of UK trained advanced drivers (Roadcraft and specialised)
  • Red plates insured across EU territories
  • HORIBA MIRA technicians can equip vehicles with advanced test equipment, fit and monitor development parts and perform essential maintenance during tests
HORIBA MIRA Spain BMW i3 on Charge

Facility capabilities

  • Floor area over 850 m23 x 3,500kg two post car lifts with adjacent electrical and compressed air services
  • Large office area with separate access to the main office / reception, customer office and meeting room
  • Tyre changing up to 24” and balancing equipment, plus dedicated tyre storage area
  • Milling machine for basic friction shape modifications and wear states
  • 6 point Disc Thickness Variation (DTV) measurement equipment
  • 55kW ABB EV DC Fast Charger (CCS2 and CHAdeMO) + 2 AC charger units with a total of 5 sockets (2 x 22kW and 3 x 7.2kW)
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HORIBA MIRA Spain Pan Light