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Passive Safety Centre – Crash

Safety Development Facility Main

Our involvement in crash testing and vehicle safety began in 1960s making HORIBA MIRA a centre of excellence in vehicle safety development.

Safety Development video cover

Working with customers from all around the world we can deliver all types of crash testing and supporting services to meet and certify to Euro NCAP, European, US and other worldwide safety standards. 

Our vehicle safety testing is supported by experienced crash engineers, safety integration engineers, restraint engineers, CAE engineers, consultants, and project managers to ensure that testing is delivered to scope whether it be a turnkey vehicle safety programme or a single crash test. 

Safety Development Facility 2

Facility Features & Capabilities 

  • Crash block and acceleration lane 
  • 6 separate fully equipped workshops 
  • Rollover rig
  • ATD fleet (HIII 50th%ile, 5th%ile, 95th%ile, WS, ES2, ES2re, SIDIIs, Q10, Q6)
  • Full ATD Injury Analysis to all International Standards 
  • Frontal barriers
  • Mobile side impact barriers
  • Test trolley to mount sub-system or front-end structures 
  • Offset (ODB) Load Cell Wall
  • Full width flat frontal Load Cell Wall
  • High speed offboard cameras (>1000fps)
  • High speed onboard cameras (>1000fps)
Crash Lab Rollover

Facility Features & Capabilities continued

  • Camera pit (underside views) and overhead gantry 
  • DTS DAS capable of logging data from many transducers simultaneously 
  • Range of transducers e.g. accelerometers, rate sensors, pressure transducers, current clamps, voltage monitors, closing contact events, tear events 
  • Full hybrid vehicle (HV) monitoring of multiple system locations during the crash event e.g. absence of high voltage, low electrical energy, isolation resistance, physical protection 
  • eCall capability 
  • CAN logging / flexray 
  • xEV testing capability 
  • Vehicle weighing / ballasting (inc. CoG) 
  • FARO Arm 
  • 3D scanner for basic ATD set-up scans e.g. barrier deformation scans, vehicle intrusion profiles  

This facility has achieved the ISO 17025 accreditation for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories

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