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Passive Safety Centre – Pedestrian

Pedestrian Safety Hero

HORIBA MIRA’s pedestrian test capability has been continuously developed over 15 years to give a high-quality service and rapid turnaround.


Passive Safety Centre – Pedestrian

Pedestrian safety video cover
Pedestrian Safety Laboratory4

With experienced staff, a fully climate-controlled laboratory, dedicated instrumentation and high-speed video equipment, it provides a complete service.

We can help test and develop products from individual components to complete vehicle prototypes.

Pedestrian 5

A complete suite of impactors gives the capability to perform any type of testing:

  • Headforms Adult (4.8kg) Small Adult (3.5kg) and Child (2.5kg)
  • Euro NCAP / Japan / GTR 4.5kg Adult headform
  • Upper Leg WG17 / EC / Euro NCAP
  • Lower Leg WG17 / EC / Euro NCAP
Pedestrian 3

Features of HORIBA MIRA’s pedestrian facility include:

  • Equipment and software developed in-house for targeting and aligning the headform which ensures every impact is exactly where it is supposed to be, well within the permitted tolerance.
  • An accurate independent measurement of the headform velocity before impact, for every test, using a laser-based system.
  • Lower-leg tests conducted using a long acceleration distance to ensure the foam at the rear of the leg is not compressed before the impact on the vehicle