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Static Climatic Vehicle Chambers

Climate chambers 3

HORIBA MIRA’s whole-vehicle environmental test chambers are for extreme temperature testing with humidity and solar loading options.

The chambers can be programmed to perform cyclic profiles such as Def Stan 00-35 and MIL-STD 810G.  

The two chambers each accommodate a passenger car separately or, when linked together a commercial vehicle.

Climate chambers 1

Typical tests performed in the chambers include:

  • Hot and cold start tests
  • Heating and air conditioning performance evaluations
  • Windscreen/window defrost/demist tests
  • Functional, durability and structural assessment in extreme environments
  • Component and material performance assessments
  • Controlled thermal ‘soaks’ and solar radiation assessments

HORIBA MIRA’s whole-vehicle chambers are just one part of our suite of environmental test facilities which include climatic wind tunnels, laboratory environmental chambers and combined environmental and durability test facilities.

Climate chambers 5

Chamber Specifications

  • Maximum temperature: +80ºC
  • Minimum temperature: -40ºC
  • Humidity: 98%RH at +38ºC
  • Length: 6.93m (chamber 1), 7.63m (chamber 2) and 14.7m (when combined)
  • Dimensions: 3.9m wide x 3.05m high
  • Entrance doors: 3m wide x 3m high
Climate chambers 6

Chamber Features

  • Solar (infra-red) array 5m x 2m built into the roof to provide 1.2kW/m2
  • 32 thermocouple (K or T-type) channel data logger
  • Logging rate up to 2kHz, additional channels available
  • Extracted exhaust outlets
  • Dried compressed air supply
  • Intercom system for monitoring and safety