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Vehicle Propulsion Centre

Advanced Emissions Test Centre

Our Vehicle Propulsion Centre supports the delivery of both standardised legislative drive cycles and the rapidly expanding library of bespoke cycles developed in response to ‘Real Driving Emissions’.

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Advanced Emissions Test Centre Cover

Advanced Emissions Test CentreTruck

RDE is a feature of the EU legislative landscape today and Chinese, Korean, Indian and Japanese legislation of the future.

The VPC is designed to provide the development platform for global powertrain calibration and certification that the industry needs to address the widening scope of tailpipe emissions challenges.

The combination of the state-of-the-art HORIBA 4WD dynamometer and emissions systems will allow the determination of exhaust pollutants over a range of climatic conditions and temperatures between -20°C and 35°C.

Advanced Emissions Test Centre4

Facility Features 

  • HORIBA Vulcan 4WD chassis dynamometer, vehicle cooling fan and driver’s aid 
  • 4WD, RWD and FWD up to 300kmph, 230kW per axle. Transient gradient capability 
  • -20°C to 35°C test cell, x3 climatic soak chambers and space for 14 vehicles 
  • Environmental emulation; HORIBA MEDAS 5012VO, MTM and MHM modules for altitude, temperature and humidity control (0-5000m, -45 to 50°C and 2 to 65g/kg) 
  • Gasoline, diesel, biofuel and hydrogen fuel compatible 
  • HORIBA STARS VETS 2.0 test automation software incorporating global legislated test cycles and custom drive cycles for pure ICE, hybrid and EV testing 
  • Vehicle-in-the-loop capability utilising real-world and virtual driving scenarios 
  • Full-flow dilution tunnel, constant volume sampler and remote mixing tee 
Advanced Emissions Test Centre5

Facility Features Continued 

  • Twin line HORIBA MEXA ONE with EGR measurement 
  • HORIBA MEXA ONE C1 SL OV dilute exhaust gas (bag) analysis 
  • HORIBA MEXA ONE D2 Twin line direct exhaust emissions analysis 
  • HORIBA MEXA SPCS2000 solid particle counting system 
  • HORIBA QL-NX for NOx speciation 
  • HORIBA MEXA FT Fourier transform infra-red analysis 
  • HIOKI charge monitoring systems for xEV testing 
  • Aldehyde sampler – DNPH type sampler for off-line aldehyde analysis 
  • HORIBA PFS ONE particle filter management system 
  • Heated bag enclosure 
  • HORIBA ADS EVO and STÄHLE SAP 2000 robotic driver systems