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We really appreciate your interest in HORIBA MIRA


Vehicle Thermal Energy Optimisation Suite

The VTEOS provides a critical new toolset to develop and validate:

  • Variety of HVAC system architectures including Heat pump systems
  • Battery thermal management integration
  • Powertrain thermal management integration
  • Novel refrigerant performance

System Performance Characterisation

  • Multi-supplier system integration
  • Component trade off / swapping components against each other
  • Model Correlation
  • Refrigeration fluid comparison
  • Capacity and system efficiency (COP)

Traditional and Heat Pump System Development

  • Architecture definition
  • Controls and Software development & optimisation
  • Modes of operation
  • Performance improvement
  • TXV / EXV Tuning
  • De-icing strategies

Typical validation tests

  • Used for a wide range of component and systems development
  • Charge determination
  • IHX sizing
  • Oil in Circulation (Criticalfor warranty agreements)
  • VDA/SAE performance characterisation
  • TXV & eTXVtuning
  • COP optimisation
  • Control development
  • Component characterisation
  • Refrigerant comparison & development
  • Electric Compressor & chiller loads
  • Compressor torque

Footage from a MIRA designed visible accumulator.
Note the Refrigerant / Oil layers before operation.