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Proving Ground Surface


ASSURED CAV City is a fully controllable and configurable, connected urban and sub-urban driving environment.

With a mix of urban junction types and street furniture frequently experienced in cities, users can validate complex automated driving systems and traffic scenarios under safe and repeatable test conditions.

Crossroad Junction

A crossroad junction designed to the NCAP specifications enables pre sign off testing for Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) to be conducted on the facility for vehicle to vehicle and vulnerable road users.

By conducting pre sign off testing on a crossroads of matching specification to that used for NCAP testing, teams can be sure that they will achieve the necessary score required to meet their desired NCAP score.

Parking Spaces

On street parking spaces allow for repeatable testing of Park Assist features, both for R&D and sign off purposes. By injecting other actors into the scenario, a complex environment can be created safely and with minimal risk.  This is also supplemented by a pavement with a kerb to assess final park position in relation to a kerb.

A cycle lane in this area allows for testing of AEB and Lane Keep Assist (LKA) performance in relation to cyclists, to ensure a robust and premium system is delivered.

Master Junction with Connected Traffic Lights

The master junction, equipped with connected traffic lights and alongside the privately terminated 5G network available across all ASSURED CAV facilities, has been designed to enable R&D of Green Light Optimisation (GLOSA) systems.  The connected traffic lights are also able to support the ITS G5 protocol.

To further enhance the complexity of scenarios, facades can be set-up on the master junction to facilitate sensor obscuration, as would be given by buildings in the real world, enabling users to understand system behaviour in a controlled environment that is akin to what would be seen in the real scenarios.

Multi-lane Roundabout

The multi-lane roundabout enables the testing of junction Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) and Lane Keep Assist (LKA) in a variety of roundabout scenarios with differing online remote update behaviour to identify corner cases and ensure that a robust, high quality system is delivered.