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Proving Ground Surface


ASSURED CAV Parking is a dedicated multi-storey car park located within the ASSURED CAV City facility, specifically designed to replicate real-world situations to support the development of self-parking solutions.

Restricted visibility, constricted manoeuvres, and GPS drop-out in covered locations can be tested in a fully configurable and safe, controlled environment

Outdoor Parking Area

The outdoor parking area of ASSURED CAV Parking consists of a variety of parking space layout for the testing of Park Assist systems.  Comprising of parking bays in both parallel and perpendicular configuration including offset at different angles in a herringbone pattern, a multitude of use cases are covered in one facility.

Vulnerable road users can also be injected into this environment to test Low Speed Automatic Emergency Braking systems in a parking environment.

Multi-storey Car Park

The multi-story car park has been designed to facilitate the development of Autonomous Valet Parking systems.  Alongside this it also provides a multitude of challenging test scenarios including sensor deflection from ramps.

Using the indoor localisation technology available in the car park, other actors, such as vulnerable road users can be injected into scenarios during manoeuvres. 

The lighting within the car park is fully configurable, to create sensor blindness due to varying lighting levels across an indoor car park