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Proving Ground Surface

Dry Handling and Stability Circuit

The dry handling and stability circuit is an omni-directional track consisting of an 850m four-lane straight and constant radial bends from 55m to 1000m. It follows an extended figure-of-eight design and can be driven in any direction or route as it is a single user facility.


  • Tyre development
  • Chassis development
  • Severe manoeuvres
  • Limit handling
  • Vehicle familiarisation
  • Electronic stability control, roll mitigation systems
  • Corporate events
  • Driver training
  • ISO lane changes

Facility Description

  • Single user facility (multi user by exception)
  • Delugrip RSM surface
  • Unique friction qualities
  • Extended figure of 8 design
  • Constant radii bends from 55m to 1000m
  • 850m four lane straight
  • Chicane area
  • Omni-directional

Dry Handling and Stability Circuit