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CAV Highway 5

ASSURED CAV Highway is a completely level facility with a 300m diameter dynamic platform, allowing vehicles to be tested at the limit of controllability.

Fully configurable lane and junction markings permit customisable scenario-based testing of merging, lane assist, and evasive manoeuvres to be conducted to international regulatory protocols.

CAV Highway 7
Highway 300m Diameter Circular Platform

300m Diameter Circular Platform

For ADAS and CAV, the circular platform can accommodate high speed Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) scenarios. 

Taking advantage of the facades and temporary line markings on offer within ASSURED CAV, bespoke junctions can be configured to replicate real world scenarios to allow for controlled and repeatable testing.

The circular platform has been designed to also accommodate Vehicle Dynamics testing with 30m, 60m and 100m radius circles marked. We also have the added flexibility to lay temporary markings for a variety of ISO or OEM specific manoeuvres such as lane change, slalom, elk test.

CAV Highway 2

Central Approach

For ADAS and CAV, the central approach can accommodate AEB testing for rear end, vulnerable road users and junctions, with an NCAP specification junction marked out utilising temporary line markings.  The vast expanse of space can also be configured to conduct lane support system testing across multiple lanes.

Thanks to its 55m width, the central approach can also accommodate various Vehicle Dynamics subjective or objective manoeuvres, such as transient and frequency response testing. Combining both the central approach and pad together enables the completion of various regulation standards such as UNECE R79 and UNECE R140.

Highway Right Tangential Approach

Right Tangential Approach

For ADAS and CAV, the west tangential approach is set-up with a variety of centre line and lane edge temporary line marking to facilitate the testing and development of lane support systems across a wide range of use cases. Given the nature of the approach, vehicle overtaking, undertaking and oncoming vehicle scenarios can also be undertaken.

Utilising the west tangential approach, dynamics teams can benefit from using the approach to build speed onto the circular platform to conduct higher speed on-centre steer testing. Using the west tangential for this allows the vehicle to be in a steady state upon entering the approach, and therefore ensures reliable test results.


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