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Twin Horizontal Straights

Horizontal Straights

The twin horizontal straights, each 1.6km long, are joined by banked loops and have two lanes in both directions.

The straights are truly horizontal taking into account the curvature of the earth with a 1 in 200 cross fall.


  • Performance test
  • Coast-down
  • Equipment calibration
  • Access route to other facilities
  • Rolling circumference test

Facility Description

  • Two straights each 1.6km long
  • Joined by low-speed banked loops at each end
  • Clockwise operation
  • The straights are two lanes wide in both directions
  • The straights are truly horizontal (zero slope) with a 1 in 200 cross-fall
  • Calibrated distance markers are located along both straights
Twin Horizontal Straights 1

Twin Horizontal Straights

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