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Environmental Test Facility

Quatro Park’s test capability is further complemented by a range of high-performance battery test exercisers, supported by a large number of industry experts.

Opened in 2000, HORIBA MIRA Quatro Park, located in Basildon, Essex, provides clients in the global automotive, defence and aerospace sectors with industry leading equipment and engineering expertise for testing components and systems under environmental stresses such as vibration, climatic cycling, thermal shock, mechanical shock, corrosion, and ingress protection.

Outline Specification

  • 19 environmental chambers – 180L to 2000L including 2 walk-in chambers – 36000L
  • 9 EM vibrators (5 thermal vibration) – Thrust up to 35kN with an amplitude +/-25mm
  • New large battery shakers – 220kN thrust with an amplitude of+/-38mm
  • Four thermal shock chambers
  • Dust test chamber
  • 2 high-capacity EV/HEV battery exercisers
  • 1 low-capacity cell/module exerciser
  • Fire suppression system
  • Altitude simulation chamber 

Large Climatic Vibration Laboratory

Advanced Battery Development Suite (ABDS)

Battery Abuse Test Site