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Brake Testing


Brake testing is crucial for vehicle safety and regulatory compliance.

Vehicle brake testing involves evaluating the braking performance of vehicles to ensure they can safely and effectively slow down or stop under different conditions.

Here are the main types of vehicle brake testing:

Straight-line Braking Testing
  • Involves measuring the distance it takes for a vehicle to come to a complete stop from a specific initial speed while applying the brakes in a straight line.
  • Provides an indication of the vehicle’s overall braking efficiency and effectiveness.


ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) Testing
  • Evaluates the performance of the ABS by measuring the stopping distance and stability of a vehicle under hard braking while the ABS modulates brake pressure to prevent wheel lock-up.
  • Tests are conducted on dry, wet, or slippery surfaces to assess the ABS’s ability to maintain steering control during emergency braking.


Brake Fade Testing
  • Measures the change in braking performance over a series of repeated brake applications to assess the brakes’ resistance to fade caused by overheating.
  • Helps ensure that the braking system maintains consistent performance under prolonged or heavy braking.
Brake Balance Testing
  • Assesses the distribution of braking force between the front and rear axles to ensure balanced and stable braking, preventing skidding or loss of control.


Hill Start Testing
  • Evaluates a vehicle’s ability to hold its position on an incline without rolling backward when transitioning from brake pedal to accelerator pedal.


Brake Dynamometer Testing
  • Conducted using a brake dynamometer, which simulates road conditions and applies specific loads to the brakes to measure their performance, efficiency, and wear.
Brake System Integrity Testing
  • Involves testing the entire braking system, including master cylinders, brake lines, hoses, and hydraulic components, to identify leaks, pressure loss, and system integrity.


Handbrake or Parking Brake Testing
  • Measures the efficiency of the handbrake or parking brake system in holding the vehicle stationary on an incline.


Brake System Inspection and Measurement
  • Involves visual inspections and measurements of brake components, including brake pads, rotors, drums, callipers, and brake fluid levels, to ensure proper condition and function.

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